Apache’s Sentinel is a complete Chip-Package-System (CPS) co-design / co-analysis solution addressing system-level power integrity, I/O-SSO, thermal, and EMI challenges. It combines the chip’s core switching power delivery network (PDN), I/O sub-system, and IC package / PCB models and analysis in a single environment for accurate CPS convergence from early stage prototyping to sign-off.

At Sentinel’s core is the Chip Power Model (CPM™), a compact Spice-compatible model of the full-chip PDN. During early stage prototyping, the CPM enables designers to optimize package layers, power pads, and decaps; resulting in cost effective package designs. With CPM, designers gain a higher degree of confidence in their package sign-off by considering the impact of chip’s PDN on their package designs. Sentinel provides the ability to manage power delivery integrity and power-induced noise for the entire electronic system.

A high capacity, high performance quasi-static electromagnetic modeling tool for IC packaging and System in Package (SiP) designs.

A 3D full-wave electromagnetic solver for power and signal integrity analysis of IC package and PCBs.

An integrated die/package/board thermal and thermal/mechanical stress analysis solution.

A high-capacity I/O sub-system timing and noise analysis solution targeted for IC and package SI designers.

A compact and SPICE-accurate model of the full-chip power delivery network behavior.

Die modeling of the noise source, 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation, and tools to pinpoint the origin of noise within the chip.