Apache Announces Sahara-PTE, the Industry's First Integrated Power-Thermal-Electrical Solution for SoC Designs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – July 20, 2006 - Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in full-chip dynamic power and noise solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) designs, today announced Sahara-PTE, a fully integrated electro-thermal solution for SoC temerature's impact on leakage, timing, reliability, and voltage drop. Sahara ’s tightly integrated Power-Thermal-Electrical (PTE) analyses deliver accuracy, capacity, performance, and ease-of-use for fast convergence of power and thermal distribution. Sahara-PTE expands Apache’s Silicon Integrity Platform of power integrity with RedHawk and timing/noise integrity of PsiWinder. The layout-driven platform encompasses self-consistent flow of built-in power/thermal/noise library and custom macro characterization, incremental RLC extraction, high-capacity network solver, timing impact modeling, and fix and optimization (FAO).

For designs at 90nm and below, managing leakage current has become one of the key design challenges. To accurately analyze chip leakage, the designers need to consider the temperature variation of the chip based on transistor switching current. Sahara offers the industry’s first fully integrated power-thermal iterative solution, based on its 3D thermal model and RedHawk’s silicon proven high-capacity simulation kernel. It takes in the location-based boundary temperature conditions or extracted package thermal model for fast and accurate power-thermal convergence.

Chip temperature also affects the metal resistivity, interconnect self-heating, and voltage drop across the design. Based on the converged power-thermal distribution, Sahara-PTE subsequently analyzes the impact on resistance extraction, wire electro-migration, and voltage drop. By considering the temperature variation across the chip instead of using constant corner values, Sahara-PTE also provides a much more accurate full-chip, critical path, and clock timing for silicon sign-off.

“Apache continues to lead the market in addressing the critical design needs as we move toward 65 and 45nm processes,” said Andrew Yang, CEO of Apache. “Our new product enables IC designers to better understand the temperature impact on their designs, as well as the system designers to make package and board selections trade-offs. Sahara-PTE is Apache’s commitment to expand our solutions for critical silicon integrity signoff.”

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