Apache and NEC Electronics Collaborate to Address the System-in-Package (SiP) Power Integrity Challenge

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 3, 2006 – Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in full-chip dynamic power and noise solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) designs, and NEC Electronics, a leading semiconductor solutions provider, today announced that they have collaborated to address the power integrity challenges associated with system-in-package (SiP) designs. As part of the partnership, Apache and NEC Electronics have developed a methodology based on Apache’s SoC power solutions and NEC Electronics’ expertise on SiP design and technology.

As designs move beyond 90nm, understanding the impact of dynamic power noise on system behavior becomes a key requirement, especially for SiP designs where multiple integrated circuits (ICs) are placed in a single package sharing a common substrate. Through an accurate representation of the IC’s power network and switching noise, SiP designers are able to gain a more accurate view of the systems’ power delivery, thus allowing them to optimize their IC-Package-PCB designs. Apache’s proven full-chip dynamic analysis technology provides an accurate and compact IC power model that can be used by the system designers to test and optimize SiP from early-stage design to sign-off verification.

“Identifying power related issues found in the high-end SiP after silicon tapeout is both technically challenging and very expensive,” said Akira Denda of Department Manager, Full Custom ASIC Division, 1 st Systems Operations Unit, NEC Electronics. “We selected Apache as our partner in addressing the power issues early in the design phase, as they are the market leader in dynamic power solutions and have a solid understanding of power noise related issues.”

“NEC Electronics ’ experience in design and productization of SiP for various applications provided us with a good understanding of SiP design and analysis requirements,” said Andrew Yang, CEO of Apache. “We are pleased to partner with NEC Electronics in jointly developing new solutions to address the power integrity challenge for package and system engineers.”

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