Apache Chosen by Major CPU/GPU/APU Semiconductor Design Company as Global Supplier for Power Noise and Reliability Sign-off Tools

Apache’s complete product offering enables next generation of computing and graphics designs

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA June 14, 2010 – Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in power integrity, noise closure, and reliability sign-off for chip-package-systems (CPS), today announced that Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE: AMD), the only company who delivers both x86 microprocessors and leading-edge 3D graphics, has chosen Apache as their global supplier of power supply noise and reliability sign-off products. Through close collaboration on analysis and optimization from RTL to silicon, Apache’s PowerArtist, RedHawk, and Totem help AMD efficiently addresses critical power and noise challenges arising from digital, analog, mixed-signal, and custom IP design and SoC integration.

AMD uses PowerArtist to perform RTL power analysis and reduction to make trade-offs between power, area, and performance early in the design process. RedHawk enables early stage prototyping and optimization of the power delivery network, as well as supply noise and electro-migration (EM) sign-off. Totem provides transistor-level analysis of full-custom IPs and model generation for hierarchical SoC verification. AMD also generates Chip Power Models (CPM™) to achieve chip-package power and noise closure.

“AMD is committed to delivering innovative products to our customers by leveraging best-in-class architecture, circuit, design automation, and manufacturing technologies,” said Jim Miller, Corporate Vice President, Design Engineering at Advanced Micro Devices.  “Our expanded relationship with Apache is critical to AMD’s success in the sub-32nm era through the breadth and depth of their product offering and domain expertise, as well as through the quality and responsiveness of their R&D and support teams.”

“As AMD enters their fifth decade of delivering innovative products, we are proud that they have selected Apache as a partner for power, noise and reliability analysis,” said Andrew Yang, CEO of Apache Design Solutions. “We look forward to working closely with AMD to address the next generation challenges in performance-per-watt, device form factor and system risk mitigation.”

Apache will be demonstration their power, noise, and reliability solutions, as well as hosting several presentations by industry leading semiconductor companies at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Anaheim, California, from June 14 – 16, in booth #535.

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