Apache’s Products for Chip-Package-System Convergence Selected by ASE

Apache’s CPS solutions enable the world’s leading semiconductor assembly and test company to deliver high value services to their customers

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA May 26, 2010 – Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in power integrity and noise closure for chip-package-systems (CPS) convergence, today announced that ASE Inc. (ASE, TAIEX: 2311, NYSE: ASX), the world’s largest semiconductor packaging and test company, has adopted Apache’s CPS co-design/co-analysis solutions including Sentinel-NPE (formerly PakSI-E), Sentinel-PI, and Sentinel-TI. Apache’s solution helps ASE deliver high value service to their customers through close collaboration on analysis and optimization of their IC package designs.

ASE has a broad package portfolio, encompassing leadframe, wire bond BGA, and flip chip, all of which present differing challenges related to timing, power and stress analysis. Using Apache’s Sentinel-NPE, ASE can efficiently extract 3D RCLK models, which are then provided to customers so they can perform early stage prototyping, accurate power analysis, and dynamic sign-off. ASE also uses Sentinel-PI with CPM to perform chip-package co-simulation and co-optimization, and Sentinel-TI for chip-package thermal and thermally induced stress analysis.

“Package designs are becoming increasingly complex, therefore closer engineering collaboration with our customers is crucial,” said Dr. Ho-Ming Tong, Chief R&D Officer & General Manager of Group R&D, ASE Group. “Apache provides the ability to deliver accurate package models earlier in the design cycle so our customers can optimize their chip-package interface to reduce cost and avoid last minute signoff problems. Apache’s products present ASE a strong value proposition, which rounded out with a strong roadmap and local support, make them a clear choice for CPS partnership.”

“ASE is the world’s leading assembly and test company and we are proud that they have selected Apache as their partner for chip-package-system convergence,” said Dian Yang, senior vice president and general manager at Apache Design Solutions. “Our mutual customers will benefit from co-simulation solutions that provide higher quality results.”

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