Apache Design Solutions’ innovative products help customers to lower power consumption, increase operating performance, reduce system costs, and mitigate design risks; enabling customers to deliver power efficient electronic products. Apache serves a broad range of global customers in a variety of end-markets and applications by consistently delivering first-in-class and best-in-class solutions for power reduction, power and signal integrity, thermal management, and EM, ESD and EMI verification.


Customer Testimonials

  • "Our expanded relationship with Apache is critical to AMD’s success in the sub-32nm era through the breadth and depth of their product offering and domain expertise, as well as through the quality and responsiveness of their R&D and support."  —  AMD
  • "Apache clearly demonstrated the ability to accurately analyze our most advanced CMOS sensor designs with very complex logic structures. By adopting Apache’s power and noise platforms, we feel confident that our designs will maintain their competitive edge in performance and cost.”  —  APTINA
  • “Apache’s fully integrated platforms, combined with outstanding customer support, enable our design teams to offer highly differentiated, low power, high performance, SoC solutions to our customers.”  —  EXAR
  • “Apache’s ability to handle the design size and complexity we anticipate will ensure...our power network will meet the required specification and function properly.”  —  PLX
  • “Apache’s products provide us with the performance and accuracy we need to ensure that our chips will perform as expected, while keeping our product cost c ompetitive. In addition, Apache’s solutions integrate easily into our flow, and should we need it, their support is excellent.”  —  REALTEK
  • "Apache’s ability to analyze power early, and show us where power is wasted and where it will peak, was key to our choice of PowerArtist and RedHawk.”  —  SIGMA DESIGN
  • “Our collaboration with EDA vendors such as Apache allows our mutual customers to reach faster time-to-market while reducing design risks.”  —  TSMC
  • “Apache provides the ability to deliver accurate package our customers can optimize their chip-package interface to reduce cost and avoid last minute signoff problems. Apache’s products present a strong value proposition, which rounded out with a strong roadmap and local support, make them a clear choice for CPS partnership.”  —  ASE
  • “Our Reference Flows include Apache’s complete product line such as PathFinder for full-chip ESD signoff and Totem for analog / mixed-signal power integrity, thus enabling our customers to better manage their power and noise challenges and ensure design success.”  —  TSMC
  • "Using Totem, our team was able to identify and resolve real design issues in our SerDes circuit. The adoption of Apache’s products has helped MoSys sustain its leadership in IP and strengthen its competitiveness in the serial chip-to-chip communications markets.”  —  MOSYS
  • "Totem performed dynamic analysis within a day and produced results that closely correlated to our Spice simulation. We are impressed with Totem’s product quality and how easily it integrated into our production flow.”  —  HYNIX
  • “Totem-SE’s simulation results correlated with on-chip substrate noise measurement data. Totem is a critical part of the mixed-signal design flow to analyze the effectiveness of the noise prevention techniques.”  —  STARC
  • “RedHawk offers us the accuracy and capacity needed to analyze our complex SoC designs from early prototyping to signoff.“  —  APPLIED MICRO
  • “RedHawk offers fast tool bring-up, robust decap optimization, and comprehensive reporting…and performed full-chip dynamic analysis with sign-off accuracyimproving productivity and increasing tape-out success.”  —  NEC
  • “We leveraged Apache’s product maturity, proactive worldwide support, and domain expertise to mitigate design risk and improve overall product quality.”  —  NXP
  • “We selected Apache as our partner for power and noise integrity, because of their solid technical vision, specific focus, expertise, and quality of their R&D and support collaborating with Apache, we expect to address early global power and noise issues brought by the 45/40nm and 32/28nm technology nodes.”  —  STMICROELECTRONICS