Apache Design, Inc. provides comprehensive power methodologies for ultra-low-power, IP integration, and giga-hertz performance designs. Apache's solutions supply user-friendly, compact models that enable data sharing among different design teams, linking disjointed design phases, and fostering closer collaboration throughout the entire design flow.

An RTL-to-Silicon methodology for ultra-low-power design allows designers to meet power budgets and power integrity requirements by ensuring consistent analysis throughout the design process. The Analog-to-Digital methodology for IP Integration initiative helps designers ensure accuracy of IP models. It efficiently analyzes the interaction of the IP within the full-chip context and its impact on the power budget, power delivery integrity, and power-induced noise. A comprehensive Chip-Package-System (CPS) analysis and optimization environment enables designers to meet power and signal integrity, thermal management, and electromagnetic interference design targets, and ensure immunity from power-induced noise.

  • Ultra Low Power

    A comprehensive design-for-power flow spanning the entire design process for successful design and delivery of low-power chips.

  • Chip-Package-System

    Modeling, co-analysis, and optimization methodology for managing power integrity, circuit performance, reliability / regulatory compliance, and overall system cost.

  • IP Integration

    Power methodology targeted at design, validation, and cost reduction for highly integrated mixed-signal / SoC designs.