Apache Design is a subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc., a leading engineering simulation software provider. Our virtual prototyping technology has enabled customers to predict with confidence that their product designs will thrive in the real world. The extensive ANSYS product suite offers the ability to perform comprehensive multiphysics analyses, critical for high-fidelity simulation of real architecture that integrates varied components.

Apache power analysis and optimization solutions enable design of power-efficient, high-performance, noise-immune ICs and electronic systems. This comprehensive suite of integrated products and methodologies advances low-power innovation and provides a competitive advantage for the world's top semiconductor companies to help lower power consumption, increase operating performance, reduce system cost, mitigate design risks, and shorten time-to-market for a broad range of end-markets and applications.

Apache technology complements and expands the breadth, depth, functionality, usability and interoperability of ANSYS simulation products. Our combined tools open the door to more comprehensive systems simulation so that engineers can predict product behavior much earlier in the design cycle.